Monday, March 14, 2011

On the subject of P25....

From time to time, we receive comments that some of the things said in our Blog are somewhat harsh in expressing our opinion on things with which we do not agree.  If you think we can be harsh, we would like to introduce you to Daryl Jones from out on the west coast. Daryl's Blog can be thought of as the Drudge Report for the communications industry.

A case in point is a recent Blog on the failure of P25.  While P25 was, and is, a good idea; politics and indecision on the part of responsible agencies and self interests by the manufacturers who "support" this technology, coupled with apathy, indifference, and downright refusal to accept the need for interoperability by many in the public safety community have almost completely destroyed the original concept.

We pioneered the concept of the Doofus awards.  Daryl has taken it to a whole new level! Without further comment, I refer you to Daryl Jones' Weblog: