Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Vehicle Camera Technology Now Available

Any law enforcement fleet administrator can quickly tell you the three major problems with current vehicle camera systems.  To refresh your memory, they are (1) Cost, (2) Transference of recorded data, and (3) accessing the data when needed.  A good dual camera system, installed, can be expected to cost between four and six thousand dollars per car plus the cost of the associated back office equipment.  There is no efficient way to share data between agencies or the court system and real time viewing or file transfer can be a very expensive proposition.  Now that we know the problem, let's look at a new solution!

We have a totally new vehicle camera system.  We call if the AVS (Advanced Video Solution) System.  The AVS system does it all for less!  Big cameras with poor definition and bulky Mobile Video Recorders are replaced with micro sized high definition camera with no MVR required.  The AVS system uses  the computer already in most police vehicles, or we can provide an affordable and efficient mobile PC as part of the AVS package.

Unlike other mobile video systems, there are no CD's, SMC cards or other transfer devices used.  You can transfer data automatically through an air card or public Wi-Fi to a cloud based server that provides viewing access to any authorized PC including courtrooms!  There is no change of data being altered, corrupted, lost, or misused.  It's there when you need it with a search system that allows easy retrieval by date, time, or even case number!

Did we mention that real time remote viewing is available?  A shift commander can look in on any vehicle at any time directly from the office.  Better yet, dispatch and administrative personnel can see the location of all vehicles at any time. You can even have live video streaming of a pursuit in progress!  You get all the benefits of CAD plus a whole lot more!

Speaking of cost, did we mention that the AVS System actually costs LESS than a good quality standard video system?  Want to know how much less cost?  Give us a call at 205.854.2611 or email You'll be glad you did!