Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Security Radios for Churches and Schools

Security is a major concern for churches and schools. Personal 2-way radio has long been used by larger institutions, but there has never been a system designed specifically for smaller users and/or those with limited budgets. We are delighted to announce that there is now a system especially designed for the smaller user – It’s called the SAC (Safety, Administration and Coordination) System.

The SAC System consists of a fixed office unit and six personal 2-way radios. Both UHF and VHF versions are available. This incredible system allows selective calling of up to 10 user groups or individuals as well as an all call provision to communicate with all users simultaneously. The personal 2-way radios have the ability to communicate with up to 15 groups or individuals in privacy while still being available to receive calls on the main emergency channel.

Better yet, the SAC System is compatible with most UHF or VHF school bus radios to provide more efficient loading/unloading, traffic control, and direct driver communications as well as direct communications with public safety agencies. Are you ready for the price? Just $1,243 for the complete system! Ready to order? Just click here!