Sunday, January 10, 2010

Falcon Direct introduces XTenna!

If you are not getting the performance you need from your 2-way radio, you need an XTenna from Falcon Direct. This incredible mobile antenna works on VHF or UHF with no cutting or tuning required! Unlike other mobile antennas, the XTenna can be directly mounted on fiberglass since no ground plane is required!

Most importantly, the XTenna talks where others fail, with a nominal gain of 3 dB on VHF (2X power over a standard quarter wave antenna) and 6 dB on UHF (4X power gain over a quarter wave. The price? Only $29.95 plus $6 shipping. The guarantee? It will outperform ANY other mobile antenna, or we give your money back! Need a low cost base station antenna? Add our optional ground plane kit for $29.95 and you will have an antenna that will equal performance of antennas costing up to TEN times more - guaranteed!

So how do you get an XTenna? Order it on line by clicking here. Try the XTenna. You'll be glad you did!