Monday, February 2, 2009

MotoTRBO versus NXDN Comparisons

We have heard some pretty outrageous claims being made about the perceived advantages of MotoTRBO versus NXDN, not to mention the claims of those who wish to keep technology frozen in the analog mode.  For those who want to keep things analog, we can only say that we doubt they want to go back to analog Cellphones and very soon, the same will be said about analog TV, but that still leaves the discussion of whether MotoTRBO or NXDN is the better digital technology.

Technically, MotoTRBO uses TDMA technology whereas NXDN (ICOM, Kenwood, and Ritron radios) use FDMA technology.  For your reading enjoyment, we invite you to read a white paper prepared by ICOM.  We believe it is fair and balanced, to borrow a phrase from a major news network. Go to for the full report.  If nothing else, we think you will find it to be very informative.

As a final comment, we should point out that there are multiple FCC emission designators for NXDN radios.  Elsewhere on our Blog we earlier published emission designators for ICOM 6.25 kHz radios (IDAS).  For the sake of clarity, we through it would be worthwhile to also provide the designators for both voice and data at both 12.5 and 6.25 kHz channel spacing as follows:

8K30F1E - 12.5 kHz single channel digital voice, 8K30F1D - 12.5 kHz single channel digital data, 8K30F1W - 12.5 kHz single channel digital voice and data - 4K00F1E - 6.25 kHz single channel digital voice - 4K00F1D - 6.25 kHz single channel digital data, 4K00F1W - 6.25 kHz single channel, digital voice and data,4K00F2D - 6.25 kHz single channel analog CW ID.  (Ref: