Monday, December 22, 2008

New Falcon Direct Website

As most everyone knows, the content on our web site is totally unique.  However, finding what is needed has sometimes been difficult, especially for first time visitors.  We decided it was time to do something about this - not by copying everyone else, using flashy graphics, or hiring a web page designer who knows nothing about what we do.  So, as usual, we did it ourselves!

Those who remember us as Falcon Wireless, the name we used prior to 2000, can use the web address of  Or, you can use our regular web address.  Either way, you'll land on our new web page which we hope you'll like.  This web page is made for easy searches on topics of interest.

You can do a quick search at the top using the Google page search.  Even though we don't have fixed monitor receivers listed (very popular for fire stations), you can quickly find our offerings by just typing in the words "fixed monitor".  You can also use the Site Map directory at the top of the page, call us, or email us by using the Contact Information provided.  If you've ever wondered what makes us different from everyone else, just click on the About Us tab at the top of the page.

The most frequently searched topics have been arranged to make it easy for you to search by manufacturer, user groups, special user information, or our most popular product groups.  We hope you like the new format.  We'll be tweaking things up before the first of the year to add topics such as narrow banding, FCC information, technical standards, and funding alternatives, plus any other topic that may be of interest to YOU! Just drop us an email to, and let us know what additional information you would like to have included on our web page.