Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A word about service!

Some vendors talk about service.  Some don't give it a thought, and some bend over backwards to take care of their customers.  We are one of those "backwards bending" organizations.  Still, we risk losing business when the user is located some distance from our facilities in Birmingham, AL.  As a result, we do some extraordinary things to take care of our customers.  If you've been thinking about considering, or not considering us as a potential supplier for your communications needs, we thought it might be appropriate to share an example of what we do for just ONE of our customers.

This particular customer is a county school bus system operation located some three hours away from us. The system is a Motorola MotoTRBO digital system with approximately 100 units, mostly mobile, plus fixed stations in all the schools, and portables for administrative and maintenance personnel. They have all the features available with MotoTRBO including GPS tracking and text messaging. Ordinarily, providing service on such a system would require a local service organization, but we are not ordinary.  Here's what we do!

We have a complete mirror image system at our shop including the repeater, all software, plus working mobiles, portables, and fixed stations.  We can duplicate and correct virtually any problem.  We have trained our user to do their own installs, first level maintenance, and programming.  Most times, we can identify and correct a problem over the phone.  We can send corrected software changes by email, even exchange defective radios as required.  We can replace the repeater the SAME DAY if necessary. The picture at the upper left is of a standby base station with duplexer that is set up and running in our office.  It is ready for instant exchange when required.

This system is not just sitting on a shelf.  It is actually running along with associated mobiles, portables, and fixed stations.  In our shop, we have a complete setup with both voice and data radios connected to a PC with the customers software, mapping, and messaging system running at all times.  We have portables and mobiles, both with operational GPS connected and running.   If we have to troubleshoot a problem, we can do it at our facility with no travel and no delay.

That' a picture of the office setup with PC, voice and data control stations and associated user radios at the right. We do the job better, less expensively, and more efficiently.  When you are considering the purchase of communications equipment, ask your prospective supplier what can of plan they offer to take care of you BEFORE you make your purchase.

Can we take care of YOU?  You bet we can, and we can do it very well!