Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Product for Law Enforcement!

We are a long time supplier of vehicle camera systems (See As good as they are, we have lacked the ability to provide viewing inside the suspect vehicle. Now that's all changed with the introduction of a new product known as the SV-1000, a combination flashlight and DVR video/audio recorder. This personal digital video recorder is a three-in-one tool. As a flashlight, the white LED has 3 brightness levels to provide illumination with minimal battery drain. During the day or night, you can conveniently record video with audio or take photos. The incredible new SV-1000 is ideally suited for law enforcement use since it provides enhanced officer safety and evidence recording that would not be possible with vehicular camera systems.

The really great news is the price - just $299 complete with rechargeable batteries, AC and DC chargers, and CF mini memory card that allows up to 512 MB of data to be saved and transferred to your PC for viewing, storage, and retrieval. Additional information is available at