Monday, May 12, 2014

Things getting a little crowded in your patrol vehicle? Maybe you need to know more about the new Hytera MD652!

Where are you going to put that new mobile radio that you need to recover the range your lost when you narrow banded?  It seems to us that a new kind of mobile radio is needed; like one that doesn't require under dash or console mounting along with a separate speaker.  We think it's time to stick the mobile radio out of the way and put all of the functions of the radio in the microphone!

That is exactly what we are offering with the new MD652 with our exclusive BB option.  The MD652 has both analog and DMR digital capability. The BB option provides a true vehicular repeater for use with any VHF or UHF analog portable radio, and the whole thing costs just $995!

Were you paying attention? We said you get an analog/digital mobile radio WITH a vehicular repeater for less than a thousand dollars! We are making this special offer because we know going digital with mobiles doesn't really solve the problem.  You need PORTABLES with the operating range of a mobile. To do that, you need a vehicular repeater, and it's INCLUDED! You'll also need a new repeater to go with your new vehicle radio system.  Here's some more good news!  You can get a brand new analog/digital repeater for just $100 per month INCLUDING maintenance!

You can use your existing analog handheld radio or get the worlds roughest, toughest, loudest, full featured portable radio for just $258.  We'll take your old radio in trade, regardless of condition.  We can talk about details later, but for now, let's just say that we'll give a $45 allowance for just about anything, even if it won't narrow band.  If you act quickly, we may even throw in a FREE Bluetooth wireless speaker-microphone.

We'll throw in a three year warranty for no additional charge and even finance 10 or more radios over a five year period for less than you are probably paying to maintain your old analog radios that don't work since narrow banding.  And that's not all!  We can show you how to get the money to pay for your new radio system!

Want to know more? You can download a brochure on the new mobile by clicking here.  If you want to know about the vehicular repeater option and/or the worlds toughest portable, give us a call at 800.489.2611. We'll be here waiting for your call!