Friday, June 28, 2013

The difference between rabbits and turtles!

You may have noticed that the "best" deals generally come at the end of the month.  Sometimes, these offers are of genuine value, sometime not.  For example, we recently spoke with a prospective customer who had already purchased a dispatch console for use with a proposed new VHF digital system. To phase the migration from analog to digital in progressive steps would generally be considered a good idea, but the first step should have been FCC licensing - the most critical issue in any system upgrade!

Another user planned and defined a multi-million dollar VHF P25 digital trunking system, and spent close to eight million dollars before discovering that frequencies were not available to complete the system.  At this time, most of the money has been spent and they have basically nothing.

There are numerous cases of fire departments that have been awarded million dollar grants to be administered by applicants who have little or no experience in managing similar activities. In almost every case, the buyer was pressured into making a decision to get "the best deal" rather than careful planning that includes unbiased information from multiple supply sources.  We call this the Fire-Aim-Ready management style.  Rabbits ALWAYS encourage this tactic.  Objective planning with the USER need is simply not their style.  For example, I refer you to a recent newspaper article where a large system user was encouraged to upgrade their radio system.  Notice the amount of money involved (over three million dollars), and note what they will be getting for their money (a 7.7 system upgraded from a 7.4 system with absolutely no explanation of features, benefits, or value).  The article is available by clicking here.  That's the way rabbits win races!

Turtles are different.  Turtles take the time to plan a proper route, like getting an FCC license upgrade to digital BEFORE taking an order, making demonstrations, offering alternatives, and presenting ALL the facts, rather than hiding important issues like compliance with open standards to allow competitive choices.

We are a turtle, and proud to be one.  Want to see a turtle in action?  Give us a call at 800.489.2611.  It may take awhile, but we'll be there to help you as soon as we can!