Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yellow Dot Program Can Save Lives!

Have you heard about the Yellow Dot Program? The Yellow Dot program is being implemented in counties across the country. The relatively simple idea has proven to be an effective way to relay information to the emergency response teams in the event of an accident. Participants in the Yellow Dot program place a yellow sticker on the bottom left corner of their vehicle’s rear window. This sticker lets emergency response crews know to check the vehicle’s glove compartment for important medical information regarding the vehicle’s driver and/or passengers.

This program is saving lives all over the USA and it's FREE! Click here for more information on the Alabama program.  Links to other states are also provided on the web site. This is one of those things that has been done without huge government bureaucracies, wasted tax payer dollars, or any self serving interests by political powers.  It has been conceived and implemented by those who care about others.  It's the kind of thing that makes me proud to be an American!

I learned of the program from a 61 year old disabled Vietnam veteran who has served as a volunteer fire chief for over 20 years in a rural Alabama community.  He would like to retire, but he can't since the young people have mostly left the community, but that's another story.  The story is that a major highway runs through his area - Lot's of accidents, mostly strangers, many with no basic information in the vehicle. Anyone involved in rescue work knows the problems this can cause. Yellow Dot can save lives.  That life could be yours or mine.  Get on line, sign up and spread the word!

Speaking of spreading the word, we would like to add a little action to our words!  We have a personal 2-way radio especially designed for outside work.  It's black and yellow to make it easy to find if dropped.  It's MIL-SPEC rugged and waterproof.  It's powerful - five watts of power in either VHF or UHF, it's loud when you're outside, and polite when you're inside (with both audible and vibrate alerting capability), and it's affordable - just $369.  Information on the TC-610P is available by clicking here.

If you need a radio or two, we encourage you to consider the TC-610P.  We will made a $100 contribution to the Yellow Dot program in your area for each TC-610P radio purchased.  Or, if you prefer, we will make at $50 contribution for every MK-II dual band radio purchased. Help us to help spread the good news.  It's a win-win deal for everyone!