Monday, January 21, 2013

Cellphone Detector for Churches

Today, in many American churches, it is not an uncommon sight to see a sign in the lobby (or vestibule if you prefer) requesting attendees to turn off their cell phones before entering the sanctuary.  Similar signs are showing up in all types of public places including concert halls, courtrooms, hospitals, libraries, upscale restaurants, schools, theaters, etc.

Most of us don't mean to be rude, nor do we want to be embarrassed when out cell phone "rings" in a public place.  We know we should turn our phones off, and most of the time, we do (or at least switch to the vibrate mode).  Still, we forget.  What we need is a little aid in helping us remember.  That little help is now here!

We call it the CellBuster!  This unique device can detect virtually any type of cellphone, even when they are not being used!  A lighted plastic sign can be installed at entrances to remind visitors to turn their wireless devices off.  If they don't turn their cellphones off before entering the sanctuary, the sign lights up, an audible alarm sounds and a voice message is broadcast indicating that a cellphone has been detected and should be turned off.

After awhile, folks will learn that the best way to keep the CellBuster quiet is to turn off their cellphones before entering the premises.  The detection range of the CellBuster can be set as desired by the user.  In smaller churches, a single device, installed in the lobby will be sufficient.  In larger churches, the recommended practice is to install a dedicated device to cover each entry door into the sanctuary.  Sometimes, a single device can be used to cover two doors in intermediate sized buildings.

CellBuster is part of a family of products developed especially for churches and schools to enhance privacy and security.  CellBuster is effective and affordable.  In fact, it can be FREE for those churches and schools that implement our new classroom safety program.  Call us at 800.489.2611 for more information.

And, in closing, we would be remiss not to advise you that there is an alternative to the CellBuster.  Click here for more information on the alternative!