Sunday, December 9, 2012

A special message to our hospital readers!

Hospital communications have come a long way since the 70's when the concept of using dedicated VHF radio frequencies for  hospital-to-hospital and ambulance-to-hospital communications.  A little later, a group of UHF frequencies was allocated for both voice and data communications between EMS personnel and hospital Emergency Rooms. Additional information on analog emergency radio channels is available by clicking here.

Over the years, the aforementioned VHF systems, most commonly known as the  HEAR system, or the UHF systems, known as MEDNET, were mostly replaced by cellular networks or regional or statewide 700/800 MHz radio systems. Then along came Katrina!

Katrina proved that cellular systems, wide area radio networks, and even AC power could not be relied upon in an emergency.  The older 2-way radio systems of the 70's proved to offer reliable communications when all the others failed.  As a result the old analog radio systems, including HF long range systems gained favor with government planners and agencies.

The problem is that older HEAR radio systems cannot be narrow banded and even if the Emergency Room (ER) radios are upgraded, the new equipment addresses only part of the real need.  Ideally, there should be a radio capable of communicating in both analog and P25 digital operating modes, in either conventional or trunking operation, on the VHF HEAR system, the UHF MEDNET channels, 700/800 MHz regional or statewide systems, all interoperable VTAC, UTAC, and ITAC frequencies, the 2 meter and 70 centimeter amateur bands, and maybe even the VHF marine emergency frequencies.

Would you believe that a single radio can cover ALL these frequencies and operational modes?  You are looking at it.  It's called the Thales Liberty, an American made product that can cost LESS than just replacing an existing HEAR system radio!  Can it handle rough use in an ER?  Click here for a short video, then decide for yourself!  Want to see one, or try one, or get prices?  Call Burch Falkner at 205.854.2611 in Alabama or Jim Tucker in Mississippi at 662.284.6724.  When you make that call, be sure and request a copy of our Hospital Communications Planner.  If you prefer, you can make your request by email to