Friday, February 17, 2012

Narrow Band News Update 02/17/2012

A recent article comment by a competing dealer suggested that many VHF and UHF 2-way radio dealers were being misled by other dealers who were persuading users to move from analog to digital.  A copy of the dealer comments is available at by clicking here.

While we acknowledge that digital provides a higher level of locking in a customer to a particular system or technology, we have to also consider that the equipment providers that will be most adversely affected will be the discount Internet retailers.  Admittedly, the features available in digital radios require higher level programming and system integration than is applicable to analog radios, but this is no reason to disqualify the benefits of digital.

Our real issue with those who criticize the efforts of others is that the writer of the article neglected to mention any positive solutions for the alleged victims, other than contacting him for help.  Somehow, I think existing 2-way radio users have the intelligence required to make a rational decision IF they are provided with factual information.  Our comments to the publisher are as follows.

While I appreciate the opportunity given by your publication to allow article submissions and comments, I feel compelled to address the recently published comments by another dealer.  Rule #1 in communications is to never defend, never attack, and always clarify.  To publish generalized statements by dissident competitors contributes nothing to the benefit of those who are allegedly being misled by certain awful people who might be taking advantage of an uninformed public.

Although I am not one of those awful people, I see no value in simply stomping the ground and telling everyone that they should come to you for guidance and assistance.  I see nothing wrong with offering services, but the offer should be extended on the basis of merit, not emotion.  What the writer offered was nothing more than assuming prospective buyers were incapable of making a decision.  I beg to differ.  The buyers with whom I deal on a face to face basis are very capable of analyzing the offerings of various equipment providers. While it may be true that a local equipment provider may have the edge over an Internet discounter, it is equally true that facts beat feelings every time!

To logically address the assumed problem of unscrupulous equipment providers misleading consumers, it seems to me that one should provide the information required to allow the prospective consumer to make an informed decision. That is why we have an extensive library of articles on the subject of narrow banding that is freely offered to all who are interested.  Perhaps the most useful is a link to the FCC web site which allows an existing user to check for themselves whether their equipment is narrow band capable.  Additional information is available at

Burch Falkner, President/CEO
Falcon Direct, Inc.
Birmingham, AL