Monday, December 12, 2011

To Catch a Thief, You Need the Right Bait. We've Got It!

If it's metal, 
somebody will steal it!  It can be a car, a truck, a tractor, a Bobcat, or a Caterpillar.  It can be aluminum, copper, steel, or even tires.

To make matters worse, the bad guys will keep coming back until there is no more stuff to steal or they have been caught.  That's our subject for now - how to catch them before they steal ALL the stuff!

The gadget makes it all possible is a weather resistant professional tracking device.  This amazing device is completely water proof (water tight at depths of up to 100 feet).  A heavy duty magnet allows you to attach this crime fighting tool to any metal surface.

The heart of the system is the PT-X5, a battery powered GPS receiver, with motion sensor and a cellular data transmitter.  No wiring is required since the PT-X5 operates from an internal battery which "sleeps" when there is no movement.  If the vehicle or object to which the PT-X5 is attached is moved more than 10 feet, it wakes up and sends you an email message to let you know that whatever it is attached to is "on the move".

Upon receipt of an alert message, you simply log into our password protected web site portal to track the movement of the PT-X5 for up to 18 hours of driving time. If you are in law enforcement, the PT-X5 is ideal for stakeouts and a WHOLE lot less expensive than allocating personnel assigned for visual surveillance.

The really neat thing about the PT-X5 is that it updates movement every 10 seconds for real time viewing from any Internet connected PC.  You can watch movement on your choice of a regular road/street map, satellite view, or a hybrid map.

If you are responsible for fleet administration, whether commercial, governmental, or transportation; the PT-X5 provides you with the capability of selectively monitoring individual vehicles on a rotating basis.  Now, are you ready for the cost?

The PT-X5 with battery and weather protective enclosure with heavy duty magnet is just $399 complete plus an account setup and activation charge of $25 and a monthly charge of just $29 which includes unlimited reports that can be customized for your individual requirements. 

For example, one commercial user wanted his units set up for over speed, excessive stop times, and travel outside an assigned area during the day, and any use of the vehicle after hours.  Not a problem!

And here's the best news - NO CONTRACT is required.  You just pay by the month.  Activate, deactivate, and reactivate as required!  Want more information?  Just give us a call at 800.489.2611.