Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Introduction to Flow Dynamics, aka Narrow Banding.......

Much has been written about the real world effects of narrow banding.  Yet, almost without exception, users are shocked at the degradation in performance that occurs when the change is made.

Mostly, the problem is with portable talk-back range.  They just generally don't work well anymore! We have written much about this subject but many of our readers are still having a problem of grasping why performance suffers.  Here is an example that our fireman friends will quickly understand.

Think of standard 25 kHz channel spacing (what most of us have now) as a 3" hose.  Now let's cut that in half and reduce our bandwidth to 12.5 kHz (narrow band) and our hose diameter to 1.5".  Question - Can you get as much water through a 1.5" hose as a 3" hose?  We rest our case - physics is physics whether it's water or radios!

The good news is that have addressed this situation and we can offer affordable alternatives to allow you to make the narrow band conversion as painless as possible.  If you are experiencing portable radio talk back range since switching to narrow band, give us a call at 800.480.2611 or email for a report entitled Living With Less And Still Being Best!