Thursday, June 2, 2011

New HelpAlert Reporter Now Available!

Almost a decade ago, Falcon Direct developed a wireless call button system for use in Courtrooms. Most commonly known as "The Button", these devices have been installed in courtrooms all over Alabama. More recently, the button has been used by merchants at high risk of armed robbery working in association with local police departments. The Mayors office in Birmingham, AL is equipped with the button as are the probate offices in Lamar County. Alabama, and in a variety of commercial and governmental applications.

Every community has it's share of disabled and elderly persons who could benefit from an emergency notification service. We'll all seen the "I'm down and can't get up" ads on TV. What they don't tell you is the monthly cost associated with the service and the delay resulting from routing the call first to a monitoring center, then to 911, and ultimately to local first responders.

The HelpAlert Reporter is available at minimal cost, no monthly fees, and help can be available at the push of a button when service is provided by a local participating agency. When the button is activated, a direct radio message is wirelessly sent directly to first responders via the local 2-way radio system. In many cases the cost of HelpAlert Reporters can be paid for from a number of grant sources. Call us at 205.854.2611 for more information or click here.