Thursday, September 30, 2010

Atta Boy Award!

Every minute of every day we are bombarded with negative news from the media.  That’s a shame, because there is so much good news that can be shared. For example, let us introduce you to Allen Treadaway, Junior Alabama State Representative for District 51, and our nominee for an Atta boy award.  As a past president of the Birmingham Fraternal Order of Police, he is well aware of the needs of rural community first responders.

All Alabama state representatives receive discretionary allowances each year for distribution in the districts they serve. All too often, this money goes to special interest groups with voting clout.  Allen didn’t hold true to form.  He reached out to the volunteer fire community and offered financial assistance to those who could demonstrate a specific need to make their communities safer, both for the citizens and those who serve those citizens.

As always, only a few responded.  We were delighted to assist two departments who were successful in obtaining grants.  Our services, and those of Representative Treadaway and his staff, were provided at no cost.  Those who participated included the Cane Creek and Palmerdale VFDs. Cane Creek received a grant for some much needed fire fighter radios and Palmerdale received a grant for public assistance wireless call boxes at their fire stations and a wireless power failure notification system at their repeater site.

Thank you Representative Treadaway for helping those who help others, and thank you Cane Creek and Palmerdale for allowing us to help you!

And you know what?  Opportunities for year round grant money are still available and we are still here to help you get your share.  Click here for more information.