Friday, October 2, 2009

Have you seen my new 2-way radio?

Looks like a Blackberry doesn't it?

That's because it IS! It could just as easily be an iPhone, or any Windows Mobile compatible PDA.! What makes my Blackberry different is that I can use it as a Push-to-Talk 2-way radio - kind of like a Nextel on steroids. You see, it's actually a LOT more powerful than a Nextel or any other phone with PTT capability.

The reason that my Blackberry can perform a worldwide PTT function is that it is set up with SDR Plus software, exclusively available from Falcon Direct! That means I can talk to ANY 2-way radio system regardless of band, brand, or location. Yesterday, I was in Indiana talking to 2-way radio users in Illinois, South Dakota, New York, and AFRICA! And, you know what? I didn't have to upgrade my rate plan. All I did was add SDR Plus software along with a low cost server at my office. Not only can I talk to any 2-way radio, I can talk over any cellular carrier system and I can talk simultaneously to a huge group of people and I don't pay anything extra for this "group" calling.

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