Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing AccessPlus!

Introducing AccessPlus.......

the most incredible access control, alarm monitoring and video surveillance system available anywhere!  The "heart" of the system is the Central Processing Controller (CPC) shown in the center at the left. Starting with the CPC, we can monitor doors, gates, or rooms.  When activated, we can take a picture, send the information to your PC or Blackberry, alert local law enforcement directly via their 2-way radio or monitor activity on an Internet connected PC.

You tell us what you need to do, and we'll do the job more efficiently, and less expensively than anyone, anywhere, at any price - guaranteed!  If you just want to keep a record of who is entering and when, we will provide your choice of key chain activators or magnetic cards with a card reader at the door.  If you want a video record, we can add a camera.  If you want real time notification, we can do it by phone, the Internet, or even 2-way radio!

We can monitor a door, a gate, an open yard area, a room or all areas.  We can automatically turn the system on and off at any time interval desired.  We can control lights, appliances, even heating and air conditioning.  Many users can pay for the cost of the system in utility savings alone!  Did we mention that there are NO MONTHLY FEES?

Want to know more?  Give us a call at 800.489.2611 or email You'll be glad you did!