Sunday, July 20, 2008

How does Blogging work?

In the most simple terms, a BLOG is a posting of information on the Internet that can be automatically forwarded to readers that (a) have an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Reader, and (b) have subscribed to receive updated information. My Space is a form of a Blog used primarily for personal use. Business, institutional and government users post Blogs to keep those they serve up to date on happenings within their organization. Information can be sent to a desktop or laptop PC connected to the Internet or to "smart" phones capable of receiving email such as the iPhone or Blackberry. More information on RSS is available at

You don't have to sign up to receive every posting. If you prefer, you can visit the Blog at any time and review the postings for the current month or select the archive to review earlier postings. Our blogs are categorized by subject matter as "Labels". These are shown on the top right side of our Blog page. Everything relating to our comments on digital radios are under the label classification of "Digital Radios". Other popular labels include Fire & EMS News, Church News, General News, Government News, Industrial News, Institutional News, Law Enforcement News, Municipal News, Paging News, School News, and Transportation News. You can simplify your search for information by scanning our Labels for topical information, then reviewing just those post for news of interest.

Our Blogs come to you as an email, but you will need an RSS reader to receive our Blogs. You have a choice of just reading our postings or all postings including comments by our readers. A few of the more popular readers are listed in the upper right hand corner of our Blog page. Many RSS readers and Blog page host services are free. Some have enhanced features and make a small charge for their services. We use Google for a number of reasons but the others, including Yahoo, are also good. Chose one for your reader. You can then add News feeds from a variety of Blog pages. It's kind of like subscribing to a daily newspaper where YOU choose the content. We like Blogging and as you get into it, we think you will too!

We will be adding audio and video clips to our Blog with information that we hope will be of interest to those we serve and we hope that includes YOU!