Friday, December 19, 2014

Seminary Police and First Baptist Church Partner for Community Safety

The need for speed.......   

in emergency situations is not just a big city requirement.  Rapid emergency call response is just as important in smaller communities like Seminary, Mississippi which has less than 500 citizens in the middle of the night and up to ten times that many at mid day. Chief Michael Kelly of the Seminary Police Department recognized the need for faster response to protect people, places, and property. The result was what is now known as the SafeCity Program. Chief Kelly has been working closely with Falcon Community Services to develop technology partnerships with local area churches, schools, and merchants to make Seminary, MS one of the safest cities in America to live, work, and play.

The initial emphasis has been focused on school safety, both public and private.  The First Baptist Church saw a need both in their school and for elderly church members who might have an emergency health issue.  A single system, known as the AlarmAlert is capable of performing both functions.  The system can also support fire detection and unauthorized intrusion with reporting both by two-way radio and by text messages to cell phones.  A report by WABM-TV provides additional details (Click here to view video). For more information, contact Falcon Community Services at 205.854.2611..