Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Sneak Peak Product!

Falcon Community Services today announced the introduction of the Companion high speed alarm reporting  accessory for use with virtually all commercial security systems or as an alternative to commercial services with no contract or monthly fees.

The new Companion provides direct reporting to participating public safety agencies, and/or to local user groups in rural areas with notification by VHF or UHF radio and/or through the Internet to send text/email messages to PCs, Smart phones and Tablets. The typical 7 step alarm notification process (Detect-Dial-Alarm Monitor Center-Verify-Dial-Dispatch/911-Radio call to Responder), the Companion completes the notification in one step – Message Transmit to Responder. The result is a reduction in alarm response from an average of 10 minutes or more to less than two minutes.

The Companion will be sold through a nationwide network of local area communications and security dealers. For additional information drop us an email to Companion@FalconCommunityServices.com.