Thursday, March 27, 2014

Everybody Ought To Own A BlueBox!

In a single day, two of our customers had a repeater go down. One was a Motorola, the other was a Midland. Both of them suffered a transmitter failure, a very rare issue. Neither customer had a spare, but both situations were mission critical. So, how did we get them back on the air?  With a BlueBox! So what is a BlueBox you may ask?

The BlueBox is many things to many people.  It can be a mobile repeater to extend the range of portables, a range extender to make up for lost coverage in rural areas, as a control link between widely separated base stations, as a cross band repeater to bridge VHF or UHF analog radios to digital radios (DMR, NXDN or P25), conventional or trunked, in the  150, 450, 700 or 800 MHz bands.  And now it can serve as a repeater fixer!

Here's what we did to take care of our two mission critical customers.  Both were back on the air within hours after the reported failure.  One of the users brought his repeater in to us.  The other requested on site service.  In both cases the repeater was not field repairable. We simply took a mobile radio on the users frequency, connected the BlueBox, and programmed the BlueBox to act as a repeater receiver and the mobile as the transmitter.

We charged the users a small 30 day rental fee so they would have something to use while their repeaters went back to the factory.  When the repeaters are repaired and returned, the BlueBox temporary repeater can be returned or we will apply the rental cost to the cost of the BlueBox repeater which is LESS than a thousand dollars including an AC power supply!

If you would like to know more about the BlueBox and what it can do for you, click here! Or, better yet, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 and let us tell you to be ready for an emergency BEFORE it happens! BTW, speaking of service and emergencies, and things like that, click here for a very interesting alternative for keeping repeaters up and running.......