Sunday, July 31, 2011

The alternative to Tommy Toolbelt!

Calling the guy with the service van is not the only way to get good communications equipment service!  Traditional thinking says that the use of two way radio involves purchasing expensive equipment, choosing a company to maintain it and pay through the nose when there is a problem or pay for an annual contract to put a cap on the cost of service. And then, WAIT for Tommy Toolbelt to get around to fixing it!

The days of expensive equipment with planned Obsolescence, maintained at gunpoint prices by Tommy Toolbelt and his Tonka trunk are over!  We've got a better plan.  It's called the PTU (Pay To Use) plan!

· You don't have to buy anything! 

· You don't have to pay for upgrades necessitated by changing technical standards!

· You don't have to commit to a long term service agreement! 

· You don't even have to pay for maintenance, and if service is ever required, you get repair or replacement within 24 hours!

Here's and example of how PTU can save you money!  Within the next year and a half, all VHF and UHF 2-way radio users are required to comply with new FCC narrow band requirements.  Many of these users operate a repeater station, the majority of which are over 15 years and not convertible to narrow band.

The replacement cost is typically projected at $5,000 plus anticipated maintenance of around $600 per year, plus an $800 per year reserve to pay for conversion to Very Narrow Band expected to be mandated by 2018.  This equates to an annual operating cost of $2,400 annually assuming a five year replacement cycle.

The problem is that the traditional plan of purchasing, maintaining, and replacement does not address the possibility of forced changes in less than five years or make any guarantee of prompt service when needed.  Now, let's look at the PTU alternative!

With PTU, you pay to use, not to own, and you pay a LOT less!  Your cost is just $600 per year for your choice of a top quality analog, DMR(Hytera-MotoTRBO) analog/digital, or NXDN (ICOM-Kenwood) analog/digital repeater.  You pay nothing for maintenance and you get 24 hour guaranteed response.  You don't have to commit to a long term contract - just an initial two year term, renewable on an annual basis thereafter.

Best of all, you can try a PTU repeater at no cost or obligation.  Call us at 800.489.2611 for additional information.