Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New SiteAlert II can reduce police response time by up to 80%!

If you've ever wondered.......

why so many burglars and robbers get away, it's because the premises are not protected by a security system, or when protected by a security system; the delays associated with the reporting process through the phone system, the alarm call center, and 911 before an officer receives the call.

The average response time for an officer to arrive on the scene after detection of a burglar or a call button activation in a robbery situation is ten minutes.  The average time for completion of a crime of burglary or robbery is four minutes. That's the problem!

A possible solution is to add a device known as SiteAlert II, which can send a message directly over the police radio system.  The result is a typical reduction in response time from ten minutes to two minutes or less!

SiteAlert II simply connects to your existing security system for a one time cost of only $499.  There are no monthly fees and your security alarm contractor can connect it in just a few minutes and we will give you a $100 allowance to pay for having it installed!

SiteAlert II can be mounted anywhere with no AC power required (It can operate for up to one year with six internal AA batteries.  It even tells you when the batteries should be replaced and it has an emergency call button built right in.  A quick push of the red button bypasses everything to send an emergency call for assistance!

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