Friday, March 12, 2010

The news from Las Vegas!

As some of you know, those of us in the wireless communications industry have an annual spring break called IWCE (International Wireless Communication Expo).

We always meet in Las Vegas. It's a wonderful time to get together and meet with each other and do a little bragging about how well we are doing (kind of like a class reunion).

This is the time when the manufacturers and suppliers bring out their big guns with new products and services especially for wireless users and channel partners (that's what used to be called dealers - got to be politically correct you know...).

In a nutshell, the travel is terrible, the accommodations are generally good, as is the food and entertainment. Getting around is a bit troublesome and/or tiring, but we generally come back home a little more enlightened than we were before. So the question is, What did we learn this year?

The big news this year is that the battle lines are being drawn between Harris and Motorola for the top tier communications systems (translate - radios that cost five thousand dollars and up - EACH!). ICOM and Kenwood are doing their best to make NXDN the new US standard while Hytera and Motorola are equally committed to making DMR the standard. P25 is the technology of choice for mission critical use and analog communications will continue to hold it's own for at least another few years, but the real news is the convergence of voice, data, and video; a technology evolution which we call Vodaeo.

The new generation of DMR products by HYT will present new features and capabilities that are relatively new in the US such as COLOR display screens, high efficiency antenna designs, more efficient audio and a higher standard of reliability. The IDAS products by ICOM are leading the way in the integration of communications and computers while smaller companies, such as Critical RF are providing efficient and affordable system solutions using Internet Protocol as the foundation for advanced integrated communications.

We can now track fire and rescue personnel on the scene via efficient and affordable tracking radio and transmit emergency alerting information in ways undreamed of just a year ago! A new vehicle camera system for public safety is capable of transmitting live video from ambulances and police cars and the list goes on! It's all made possible by the power of the Internet and you can learn all about how to plan your wireless future by working with us!

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