Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SiteCommand On-Site Wireless Intercom System

We had an unusual request the other day.  A large wrecker operator wanted a simple and efficient wireless intercom system to allow the driver/operator and his assistant to talk to each other or even between multiple wreckers working the same incident.  He didn't use 2-way radios since all of his people were equipped with SouthernLINC (think Nextel).  

He needed something that worked well in rural areas which ruled out using the SouthernLINC units.  Regular handheld 2-way radios didn't fit the need since he also wanted as close to hands free operation as possible, coupled with noise reducing headsets. We didn't know of any such product, so we came up with our own.  We call it the SiteCommand System!

SiteCommand is a wireless on-site intercom with a range of up to 1000 feet.  The headsets contain internal license free digital radios that provide crystal clear communications that can't be monitored by scanners and require no FCC license.  As it turns out, the SiteCommand system is also ideally suited for incident command, confined space or high angle rescue, traffic control, and a variety of similar applications.  Additional information is available at www.info4u.us/SiteCommand.pdf