Tuesday, January 20, 2009

RoadVu Camera system now available!

In late 2008, we announced the development of a new vehicle camera system to provide an alternative to the DriveCam.  That product, known as the RoadVu system, is now available for UNDER $1,000 with continuous recording of up to 6 hours of driving time with monitoring of all light activity (emergency, headlights, overhead, and brake lights).

This incredible new system is available with a micro-sized forward facing camera that mounts behind the rear view mirror and a professional grade DVR.  A second camera for monitoring the driver and GPS location reporting is optionally available.  Best of all, there are no monthly monitoring or annual licensing fees.  Every county and municipal vehicle needs a RoadVu.  It will quickly pay for itself in better driver administration and reduced insurance deductible costs!  Additional information is available at www.info4u.us/RoadVu.pdf or call us at 800.489.2611 for a demonstration.