Friday, January 16, 2009

Grant Information

From time to time we advise our readers when we learn about grant opportunities of interest.  Now, we find out that our Congressional Office does a much better job with resources far beyond our own. Specifically, Carolyn Powell, working with Congressman Artur Davis of the 7th Congressional District of Alabama does an incredible job of keeping us posted on available grants.

While Carolyn's job is that of taking care of those residing in the 7th District, much of the information if applicable nationwide.  If you would like to receive weekly updates from Carolyn, drop her an email to and ask her to add you to the list to receive her weekly funding alerts.  She does an astounding job of compiling grant information, not only for products that we sell, but for a wide range of community service grants.  

A sample of a recent grants available newsletter is available at For most of us, Section 5 would be the main area of interest although you will find good information throughout this very informative newsletter.  A tip of the hat and a word of thanks to Congressman Davis and to Carolyn!