Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ISO Compliance Products

We are not experts on ISO requirements, but we recently learned of a department that lost rating points for not having the ability to record and playback communications relating to the general public (both phones and radios). Additionally, this department lost points for not having a positive means of being notified when there was a failure of their 2-way radio repeater station.

We do know that a loss of rating points, results in a diminished classification, which in turn relates to higher insurance premiums for everyone in the community. Falcon Direct offers relatively inexpensive solutions to both of the aforementioned requirements.

The new TeleCorder recording and playback system can accommodate up to four inputs with any mix of phone line or 2-way radio connections as desired. The system is completely standalone, requiring no PC or external devices. An internal hard drive provides up to 7200 hours of recording time (about three years of service for the average small department). A USB output also allows data to be moved to an external storage device for archiving as well as connection to a PC for more detailed information display. The cost is less than $1,100. Additional information is available at www.falcondirect.com/recorders.

The AC Reporter provides a simple and affordable means of alerting supervisory personnel when there is a power disruption at a remote repeater site. The AC Reporter Plus model even notifies you by radio when power has been restored. The cost is less than $450. Additional information is available at www.falcondirect.com/ACR or by calling 800.489.2611.