Saturday, September 6, 2008

Correction to yesterday's post

In our post of yesterday, we referenced the wrong web site (now corrected) for additional information on our community network program for banding against the new breed of hit and run robbers. We incorrectly listed which deals primarily with cost cutting programs for county and governmental users. This is an excellent site to visit for some good ideas on improving fleet management and reducing fuel cost.

The correct site for more information on a working partnership between the merchant community and law enforcement is As our problems with illegal Central American alien thugs continues, the need for a coordinated crime response will become more of a necessity than an option.

You may have noted an August 21st news item reporting the murder of five Hispanics near Birmingham, AL. The incident, which occurred in an apartment involved five victims, bound with duck tape, with their throats slashed. Apparently drug related, this event did not occur in a urban ghetto. It transpired in North Shelby County, an affluent suburb of Birmingham bordering some of the wealthiest communities in Alabama. This new generation of criminals will continue to escalate their acts of savage disrespect for human life until we ALL decide we've had enough and take positive action to work together. The Community Alliance program could be just right for your community. Check it out. It may not be a total solution, but it is a start!