Sunday, June 15, 2014

Little guys CAN compete with bigger competitors!

When you are a little guy up against some BIG competitors, what can you do to stay in the race?  The answer that many of us learned in Business 101 was to be be Better-Faster-Different.  The trick is, how do you do that?

Sky Cablevision in Meridian, MS recognized that better customer service was a key element in any successful business.  That's why they came to Falcon Wireless to find our how vehicle tracking could help them better manage outside customer service personnel.  Like so many others, they learned that vehicle location systems are not for big brother to keep an eye on employees so they can wring out the last ounce of efficiency by tighter control.

To the contrary, Sky Cablevision learned that an investment of a dollar per day per customer service vehicle could allow them to better control scheduling and meet on time appointments. That's not an easy task when you only have a few customer service technicians spread over a wide geographic area.  Now, Sky Cablevision is providing better customer service and they didn't have to hire a public relations firm to achieve their goal.  As for the dollar a day cost, they save much more than that in fuel savings alone!

So the question is, why doesn't every business with outside service vehicles use vehicle location systems?  Maybe it's because they haven't called us and asked for a free trial offer. It's as easy as calling 800.489.2611 or dropping us an email to Let us tell you why (and how) little guys rock!