Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Message to Fire Department Readers!

Who is there to greet visitors when you are not?

When a visitor appears at the fire station, the chances are very good that the reason for the visit may have something to do with a need for assistance. In many cases, the visitor is greeted by locked doors or sometimes with a wide open station and nobody there - Not a good thing! Things don't have to be this way.  A wireless long range intercom system provides an efficient and affordable solution.

I walked in to a paid fire department the other day.  All the bay doors were up.  The front door was wide open, and there wasn't a fireman in sight.  With a half million dollars of unattended vehicles (maybe more), plus other equipment, and no one watching the store?  Not a good thing!  At another paid fire department, all the doors were locked,  There were cars all over the parking lot, but no call buttons or door bells.  I knocked on the door but nobody answered.  Not a good thing!

And then, there is this really nice volunteer fire department facing a public recreation area. What do think happens if someone needs help?  They go to the fire department.  Who do they find?  Nobody!  Do they see some way to call for assistance?  Afraid not!  So, what's the solution for all this?

A wireless call box is a good solution.  It's easy to install, requires no electrical power connection (runs for up to a year on a half dozen D cell batteries, then tells you when it's time to change batteries. It doesn't cost much - just $895 and it can operate on your choice of an assigned VHF or UHF frequency.  It works very well.  Check out the video at to see how it works. For additional information on our Call Boxes and other great wireless products, check out, here's the good part!  We can program the call box to operate on a special frequency that doesn't interfere with your regular fire channel AND we'll throw in a FREE radio for use at dispatch!  Want to know more?  Want to see it work?  Just give us a call at 800.489.2611.  This could be just the solution that YOU have been looking for!