Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Blue Box Base!

Our public safety friends, in particular, those in Mississippi that are looking at the MSWIN 700 MHz statewide trunked system, are looking forward to the move from P25 Phase One to Phase Two.  The problem is that P25 Phase Two radios are expensive.  In fact, they used to cost around five thousand dollars per radio until the new technical standards allowed free competition.  The net result that in less than a year, the cost came down by over 50%!

Still, the price on a portable can eat up a two or three thousand dollar bill and mobiles are even more.  On average, you can figure between four and five thousand dollars to equip a law enforcement vehicle and a portable radio for the patrol officer.  Worse yet, the range of the portable is nowhere near as good as the mobile.  When an officer or incident commander is out of the vehicle and on foot, it is just as important to be able to talk as it is when they are in the vehicle.

We developed the Blue Box to address this issue.  A Blue Box complete with a handheld personal 2-way radio is well under a thousand dollars.  A top quality mobile comes in at around twenty two hundred dollars (assuming a mobile with P25 Phase Two capability.  Better yet, our portable has the same range as the mobile, PLUS it can talk over the 800 MHz mobile radio as well as direct to VHF and UHF system users. This equates to significant cost savings plus longer range and more flexibility for the portable.

And now, we are offering the Blue Box Base, the perfect solution for volunteer fire department users.  The picture above tells the story.  We take a good quality American made P25 Phase Two capable mobile radio such as the BK Relm Wireless Model KNG-M800, add an AC power supply, connect the Blue Box (that's it sitting on the top of the mobile radio behind the speaker).  When connected to an outside antenna, either VHF or UHF radios can connect to the MSWIN 700 MHz system from anywhere in the fire district for LESS than the cost of a pair of portables!  Want to know more?  Give us a call at 205.202.1269. You'll be glad you did!