Friday, August 23, 2013

Got Questions About Repeaters?

Since narrow banding, many users have requested information on how to recover the operating range that was lost as a result of the change.  There is no single answer.  For some, a simple vehicular repeater such as the TM8000R may satisfy the need (Click here for more information).  For others, a product such as the AlphaMic system could be the solution (Click here for more information). 

Addressing the need for more range at the mobile in an affordable an efficient solution for small law enforcement agencies, volunteer fire departments, utilities, and various commercial repair services can be accomplished by some unique devices.  The newest of the devices available for mobile use is our own BlueBox which can control a mobile radio from distances of up to a mile away from the associated vehicle(Click here for more information).

In some cases, adding one or more fixed station repeaters may be the best solution.  The are essentially two types available for VHF or UHF analog operation.  Known as Bypass and Zone repeaters, these units allow a user to fill in wide area dead spots at reasonable cost.  We have prepared a new version of our Repeater Planner that will provide more information by clicking here. Check it out.  Hopefully it will give you some good ideas and budgetary costs.  Or, if you prefer, just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or drop us an email at  That's what we are here for - Helping You!