Friday, October 5, 2012

New 50 watt VHF or UHF repeater Introductory priced at just $995!

Got an old repeater that won't narrow band?  Replace it with the new Hytera RD982-AN for just $995.  Just disconnect the existing duplexer and power supply from your old repeater, slide the new 50 watt narrow band RD982-AN in it's place and you are good to go for at least the next decade!

BTW, that 50 watt power rating is applicable to your choice of a VHF or UHF model.  Now, here's some more good news.  You can upgrade to digital when you wish - not just any digital, but DMR digital!.  That's the technical platform used by MotoTRBO.  The RD982 digital model is fully compatible with MotoTRBO mobiles and portables as well as the Harris Momentum and the Vertex VXD Series.  When used with Hytera mobiles and portables, you get our exclusive DoubleTalker two channel TRUNKING capability for FREE!

When you are ready to upgrade to DMR, you'll pay just $595 for a firmware modification that can be done at your location!  Want more information?  Click here for a brochure or call us at 800.489.2611.