Saturday, October 27, 2012

FEMA Community Resilience Grant Update

On October 26, 2012, at 11:59 PM, the 2012 FEMA Community Resilience Challenge Grant opportunity closed.  This was a REALLY fast track grant - Written in September,  with the only known announcement buried away on an AFG web page, it was released on October 9th and closed on October 26th.  

We've never seen a grant quite like this one - administered by FEMA, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, and reviewed by The Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation, the grant offered up to $35,000 to applicants submitting conceptual plans for emergency preparedness and recovery - a classic example of working together. We took it a step further!

On October 18th. we made an announcement on our Blog, and on this same date sent a targeted email to over 1000 of our friends and customers that we thought would be interested. Approximately 20% reviewed the material and approximately 100 choose to work with us in applying for the grant.  We now have applications pending in over 90% of all Alabama counties as well as in Mississippi, Texas and elsewhere.  

To those that responded and chose to allow us to assist in developing worthwhile plans - we thank you!  The applicants included Ambulance Services, County Commissions, Fire Departments, E911 and EMA organizations, Law Enforcement agencies at both the county and municipal levels, Municipalities & Townships, Schools and Universities.

While we are hopeful that all these applications will be funded, we thought it would be worthwhile to share an overview of the six basic programs for those who may wish to undertake such projects at the local community level (primarily paid for by business and institutional participants).  The six programs are as follows:

SafeCampus - An outdoor wireless PA system directly controlled by 2-way radio. Especially well suited for universities.  Outdoor call boxes, and wireless call buttons can be included as well as new digital 2-way radios with both voice and text messaging capability.

SafeCommunities - A cooperative partnership between business and institutions and law enforcement based on the use of wireless communications in times of emergency when traditional phones (either wired, cellular or both) and/or AC electrical power services are not usable.

SafePlaces - A program involving the placement of low cost emergency one-way wireless call boxes in places where large numbers of people congregate or in facilities where immediate aid is required.  This program is generally sponsored by emergency aid providers of on-scene assistance and/or transportation.

SafeSchools - Designed for multi-school districts to provide a private digital administrative wireless communications system between the superintendents office, the transportation shop, and all schools.  Each school is assigned six personal 2-way radios for administrative, housekeeping, maintenance, and security use.

SafeTran - A state of the art school bus transportation system with all buses equipped with vehicular radios capable of communicating both voice and text modes plus a GPS locator and emergency call button

 If you have an interest in any of these systems, just drop us an email to or call us at 205.854.2611.  And once again, our very special thanks to those who chose to work with us in developing these programs.  Your contributions will go a long way toward helping others.  Thank you!

January 2013 Update - FEMA has announced that applicants for this grant should be receiving information on award status in February 2013. The FEMA 2012 Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG) programs awards are currently in progress as of mid January 2013.The FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety  (PF&S) Program closes on January 18th 2013. 

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