Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best Buy UHF portable radio - $149!

A  brand new 256 channel, 4 watt UHF portable 2-way radio with full alphanumeric display, compact size, long life battery with charger and much more can be yours for just $149 including five pre-programmed license free business band channels.

The TC-580 by Hytera, the second largest 2-way radio manufacturer in the world, is all the radio that most UHF users will ever need.  It is ideal for business, church, construction, hospital, institutional, retail, and manufacturing.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to narrow band and "fix up" older radios. The TC-580 doesn't cost much more than a battery for many public safety grade radios, yet it is ideal for use by Fire. EMS, and Law Enforcement users who do not need 2-tone selective call paging.  Additional information is available by clicking here.  If you are ready to order, click here.

The TC-580 is also available as a VHF 5 watt model for use on PRIMARY frequencies operating in the narrow band mode (i.e. existing VHF seven digit frequencies such as 155.010 that are approved for both standard 15 kHz channel spacing as well as the new 7.5 kHz channel spacing).  The TC-580VHF model is not suitable for use on narrow band only (i.e. eight digit frequencies such as 155.1725).  For more information on the use of the TC-580 on VHF frequencies, click here or if you want to check a specific frequency for use on any HYT TC Series radio, click here to be directed to a neat little site.  You just insert your frequency, and all compatible (and incompatible models) will be displayed.  Too bad every manufacturer doesn't offer such a service!

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