Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Smart Talkers making choosing the right 2-way radio easy!

Two facts worth knowing! (1) Choosing the right 2-way radio doesn't have to be complicated, and (2) The best value is not necessarily the "deal" on eBay or the lowest price you can find by doing a search on Google.

Here's another fact.  The majority of all commercial grade 2-way radios sold are rarely used at distances of more than one mile,  Almost all of these radios are portable or worn by a person, and range in price from thirty dollars to over five thousand dollars.

The reason for the wide variance in pricing deals primarily with the function of the radio, quality, range, performance, operating band, reliability, cost of service and the list goes on.  For now, let me just say that we understand the difference and we have your answer for personal on-site or short range communications.

We've got the best of consumer, commercial, and mission critical radios with your choice of Push-To-Talk or hands free operation.  We've got models designed for use inside a noisy industrial plant, outside in a bucket trunk, in churches, hospitals, schools, or wherever you may be.  We got unlicensed models and we have models that can be licensed for both commercial and governmental use.  Best of all, we put it all on just one page!

Want to see how we did it?  Go to  If you still have questions, call us anytime, 24/7 at 205.202.1269 or drop us an email to  Life doesn't have to be complicated!