Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tough times bring great opportunities!

A recent grocery store closing cost a small Alabama City over ten thousand dollars per month in revenues – a crushing blow to the financial stability of the community! Another small city was competing for placement of a federal retirement facility in their town. The chances didn’t look good because they had no grocery store. Events like these are happening all over the USA. The question is how do you turn tough times into great opportunities?

As many of our readers know, we offer a service for municipal administrators known as the VISION Program (See The idea is to serve as a resource in a variety of ways in return for a small annual fee (generally recovered after following just ONE of our basic recommendations). One of the things we do is share ideas – kind of like an Idea Bank. As we learn of problems, we discuss them with others and often develop a beneficial solution. The sharing of this information is an example of this service.

The lack of a grocery store is not new. Rural communities were dealing with this problem long ago. One of the common solutions was the development of a community owned business, managed by a professional, and governed by a board of business leaders. These were called Cooperatives or Coops. This concept worked before and it can work again with every member of the community given the opportunity to be a part owner of an enterprise dedicated to serving and supporting its citizens. Additionally, citizens of the community can develop garden plots to sell the produce offered in the store, baked goods, and even limited meat products. In all adversity, THERE IS OPPORTUNITY!

For those that may not want to get involved with the development of a Cooperative, there are other alternatives. Do you happen to know who is the largest discount retailer in the United States by number of stores? Before you say Wal-Mart, guess again, it’s Dollar General! So why does this have to do with grocery stores in small communities? One of Dollar General’s goals is the development of the return of the small neighborhood grocery store with a full line of staple products at very affordable prices. They are called DG Markets.

Dollar General is poised for explosive growth in these difficult times with a time proven formula for retail success. As the Mayor or Administrator of a municipality, we encourage you to contact Dollar General to see if a DG Market can be built in your community. The Dollar General Market promises to be a winner. Those of you who like to invest in the stock market might want to take a hard look at this opportunity. Additional information is available at

While you are in a positive frame of mind, please check out our VISION program. A condensed overview is available at Give us a call. Put us to work! The number is 205.854.2611 or email

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