Thursday, July 30, 2009

New personal phone number for Burch Falkner

I have too many phones! I have home phones, office phones, home office phones, cell phones and I never seem to be available for those trying to get in touch with me. I may not be at home when my home number is called. I may have left my Blackberry in the car or on the desk since it's too big to wear. I may not be where you think I am, and the list goes on. Now, you can dial one number, 205-202-1269 and ALL my phones ring at once! I've got voice mail with text conversion to email and it doesn't cost me one red cent!

It's called Google Voice. You can learn more about this service at For now, you may want to make a note of my new personal phone number. This office number is still the same, but if you need me personally, use 205.202.1269. It's the only number you need. Better yet, YOU can have a Google Voice number too!