Sunday, March 15, 2009

MotoTRBO Revisited

We recently received a call from a Canadian user asking why we didn't like MotoTRBO. We were somewhat surprised at the question as we think MotoTRBO is one of the finest product offerings ever produced by Motorola. However, the majority of our readers are in the public safety sector which means their needs are best met with P25 technology.

In our opinion, P25 technology is much better suited for public safety use, and virtually all State Homeland Security departments agree, as well as ALL Federal government agencies. NXDN is the only approved digital standard for railroad users, so in these two cases, it doesn't make any difference what we, or anyone else thinks, the facts speak for themselves.

So the question is - Where DO we think MotoTRBO is well suited? The answer is for any non-public safety user wanting top notch performance, reliability, and flexibility. As a case in point, MotoTRBO is ideally suited for industrial and hospital use. For an example, please click here. The hospitality industry is another great application. For a user case history, click here.

The bottom line conclusion is that every communications system supplier has multiple offerings to suit the unique needs of different users. We do our best to select the one that is best for those we serve, not trying to make one size fit all for our benefit while ignoring YOUR NEEDS! When you want the straight facts, there is only one name you need to know - Falcon Direct! Give us a call for any of your requirements at 800.489.2611. You'll be glad you did!