Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Uprogrammable Radios!

Relm Wireless has a long tradition of innovation, starting with the introduction of the first transistor radio in 1948 by Regency Electronics, now known as Relm Wireless.  They have been instrumental in the popularity of scanners, pioneer developer of low cost business radios, and a leader in the production of user programmable radios.

Many of our readers will remember the RH256 programmable mobile radio and the WHS150 programmable portable radio as well as the more recent RP99 series. The RP99 portable is now being phased out for the introduction of two new programmable radios.  The new RP6500 series portable and the RM800 series mobile are both user programmable with no PC or special tools required!

We are offering special Alabama Contract pricing to our public safety users with prices beginning UNDER $200 for a MIL-SPEC rated 5 watt 128 channel radio with LCD display and all the features you would expect in radios costing hundreds of dollars more.  You can get all the details at Check them out - you'll be glad you did!