Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FCC License Emission Designators

Elsewhere on our Blog page at, we address FCC licensing issues (See FCC Information Section), like the requirement for having a license, call sign identification, etc.  In an effort to keep those we serve in compliance with applicable FCC requirements, we continue to stress the need for proper licensing.  One of the most overlooked requirements is the Emission Designator.  You’ll see it on your license down toward the bottom in the center of the page.  Your license MUST show the correct designator.

Typically, older systems will have a designator of 20KOF32 for 25 kHz analog operation or 11KOF3E for 12.5 kHz analog operation.  The last three digits are VERY important.  F3E means the license covers ANALOG voice use only.  Digital operation, such as Motorola MotoTRBO would require the last three digits to be FXE or FXD (The correct designator for MotoTRBO digital operation is 7K60FXE for voice or FXD for data). For additional information visit :

For most purposes, the following designators are recommended:

Wide Band (25 kHz) analog 11KOF3E (Voice) or last digit D for data  

Narrow Band (12.5 kHz) digital 8K10F1E (Voice) Last digit D for data 

Very Narrow Band digital 4KOOF1E (Voice) Last digit D for data 

If you wish to check your own license, you can do so by going to, then scrolling down and selecting Wireless Telecommunications on the right side of the FCC Home page.  Then click on License Search and enter your FCC Call Sign (If you don’t have one, that’s a whole other issue….).

If in doubt, give us a call at 800.489.2611.  It’s better to be sure than sorry!