Friday, January 1, 2016

Special Products for Special People - Sensear Smart Headsets!

What kind of fire truck is this?

Actually, it's a dive and rescue boat, but not your average boat.  It's an AIR boat with a noise level of around 98 dB. It's fast and it can go just about anywhere, but it's a noisy piece of apparatus!  So, that's why the crew needs hearing protection, just like firefighters do with conventional pumpers. Sirens and pumps are noisy. Fact is that they are so noisy that they violate NFPA and OSHA safety standards. Hence the reason for headsets, but there is also an issue of surrounding area awareness. That is why these guys are using Smart Muffs, offering the ultimate in communications, awareness, and protection by Sensear; and now available from Falcon Wireless  Click here for a short video that could be of interest.

Can you suffer hearing loss from being around fire trucks, or boats?  You betcha! This is evidenced by a pending case against fire engine manufacturers and a major siren manufacturer. Click here for details. If your department doesn't yet provide hearing protection for cab crews and pump operators, you may want to consider the fact that a department and/or an associated municipality can be charged with negligence for not providing hearing protection. A little money spent now could save much more later on!

If you would like to know more about headset systems that do more and cost less, you need to be talking to us! Call us at 800.489.2611 for additional information or to schedule a demonstration at your convenience.  You'll be glad you did!