Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Got a pager problem since narrow banding? We've got your solution!

We just developed a nifty new product. 

We call it a a VoiceTXTR (pronounced voice texter).  In essence, the VoiceTXTR picks up 2-tone voice pager calls and immediately re-sends them as a text message to regular cell phones or an email message with an attached audio file of the message to smart phones.

If your voice pager doesn't get the call, your cell phone will (well, assuming you have cellular coverage), anywhere you cell phone works.  The heart of the system is the box shown at the left.  It can be mounted anywhere your paging calls can be picked up (911 or the local fire station would be a good choice).  You'll need AC power and an Internet connection plus a list of phone numbers of the people who will be using the system (we also need to know the company providing cellular service for each user).

The complete system is just $1,249 for the first 25 users.  Additional user groups of 25 are $75 each.  There are NO monthly service charges. See for additional information, or just give us a call at 800.489.2611 or email  You'll be glad you did!