Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What In The World is a Super-City?

A Super-City is a place where the City Hall, Courtrooms, the Library, the Seniors Center, and the Utility office can be equipped to get assistance when needed really fast when needed.  A Super-City is a place where schools are made safer with affordable and efficient technology.  A Super-City is a place where churches can get the fastest possible response to all kinds of emergencies without the burden of a long term security services contract.  A Super-City is a place where merchants can do business with the peace of mind in knowing that their people, property, and premises can be protected with technology that can reduce response time from 10 minutes or more to 2 minutes or less.  

A Super-City is a place where neighborhoods are made safer and help, when needed, is available in a hurry.  A Super-City is a place where the high cost of emergency medical services can be significantly reduced while simultaneously improving response times.  A Super-City is a place where government, business, and the public work together to reduce insurance rates and improve the chances of obtaining federal grant funds for needed projects.  A Super-City is a place where people want to live.  

More people means more business.  More business means added tax revenues. Added tax revenues means lower taxes and better municipal services for the the entire community. A Super-City is ready for all emergencies with the infrastructure available to effectively coordinate first responders, both professional and volunteer.

A Super-City is a community working together with the common goal of making their city a better place to live, work, and play.  THAT'S what a Super-City is!  Your city can be one too!

Birmingham is in the planning stages. Evergreen, Gadsden, Greenville, Oxford, Piedmont, and Weaver have already taken the first steps in Alabama, as well as the City of Seminary, Mississippi.  Rochester and Monroe County, NY are well along the way to meeting full Super-City Status.  More info is available on the web at info4u.us/supercity.

Want to be a Super-City?  You can start at the level of your choosing or plan for a total community system possibly funded by federal grant assistance. Call us at 205.854.2611.  Do it TODAY!.