Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wrecker Service uses Hands Free Radios to Coordinate Operations

Many of us think of a wrecker service being a guy with a tow truck to rescue stranded drivers and a little night time activity in recovering vehicles for creditors. There is another kind of wrecker service - the ones that handle the big jobs like wrecked eighteen wheeler's, and even an occasional helicopter!

Conway Wrecker Service of Evergreen, AL is one of those that can take care of the big jobs - not just a guy in a tow truck, but two or three people working together as a coordinated team to move heavy equipment safely.  That's where we come into the picture. Terry Conway needed a way to talk to his on scene crews, reliably, securely, in all kinds of weather, and just to add the frosting on the cake - HANDS FREE!

The solution proved to be the MVR radio (Click here for more product information). Originally, these incredible wireless headsets were designed and marketed to the US Military with a secondary emphasis on swat teams and firefighters.  As it turned out, there were other users with even greater needs like football coaches, and most recently - a wedding photographer!  Then along comes Terry who has taught us something about heavy wreckers (Click here for a couple in interesting videos).

As it turns out, the MVR radio is perfect for heavy wrecker operators. The system offers crystal clear, interference free communications anytime, anywhere.  If you have a need for hands free communications that works when needed, give us a call at 800.489.2611.  We'll set up a demonstration and show you what we can do.  You've never seen anything like it!