Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Narrow band problems - Get the cause and cure in our free eBook!

In recent weeks, we have received numerous calls regarding problems associated with narrow banding.  These calls are coming from all kinds of folks involved in unrelated activities.

A hospital user reports that they are getting bleed over on “their frequency”.  A golf course user reports that they have no coverage out on the course. An industrial plant user reports that all their radios are not loud enough and have a lot of static.  A fire department complains that they are not getting their page alerts, and a law enforcement agency states that their officers can’t communicate reliably with dispatch in critical and dangerous areas.

ALL of these problems were caused by narrow banding. Although the cause of the problem is common, the solutions can be quite different.  Not only can the solutions be very different, the cost for fixing the problem can range from minimal to significant.  That’s the Catch 22.  How do you know that your solution provider knows what they are talking about, or for that matter, is their goal to solve your problem or to make a big sale?

Let’s start with the premise that we KNOW what we are talking about. To prove that point we offer a free eBook that is yours for the asking.  If you would like your free copy of Narrow Banding 101 eBook Planner, click here.  We will explain in clear, easy to read language why the problem exists and how to fix it – not with a single solution, but with a CHOICE of alternatives!

Sometimes, a service call might correct the problem.  Sometimes, a change of frequency and/or location may be the best alternative.  Adding enhancements to an existing system can offer significant enhancements at reasonable cost.  In some cases, the solution may be to switch to digital, but before making that decision, make sure you have all the facts.

As some of our readers know, our primary focus is on safety – in churches, communities, industrial plants, hospitals, merchants, and schools.  We have accepted the responsibility of keeping others safe through the use of efficient, reliable, and affordable wireless communications solutions.  But first, you need to know the cause of the problem, then discuss it with someone you can trust.  We hope that someone will be us.  To order your free copy of our Narrow Banding 101 eBook Planner, please click here.  If we can be of assistance, just give us a call at 800.489.2611. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!